Legal Requirements

Getting Married in Greece - Legal requirements

Following are the requirements for somebody to get married in Greece.

It is important to note that the Greek registrar’s office will retain all documents given, so we suggest you make certified copies legalized by the Apostille Stamp (both parties) beforehand. Once we obtain your documents (a couple of months prior to your wedding day) we will initiate the process (translation etc.) here on the island.

List of documents required (Original or certified copies) for both parties:

  • Full A4 birth certificates (Must include parents details)
  • Certificate of non-impediment to marry (Available from your local registrar)
  • In case you are divorced – Decree Absolute
  • In case you changed your name other than by marriage – Deed Poll certificate or statutory declaration. (This includes a name change, after a divorce, back to the maiden name)
  • In case you are adopted – Adoption Certificate
  • In case you are widowed – Spouse’s death certificate and previous marriage certificate
  • In case you are under 18 - a statutory declaration of consent off a parent or guardian, signed and stamped by a solicitor

All documents sent to us must be certified with an Apostille Stamp (Visit for more information).
It is useful if you can e-mail a copy of your documents over also.

Finally in the envelope include photocopies of each passport (No certification required). There is not an actual need for you to be here a certain time before your wedding day (taking into consideration that we received all documents on time) but we suggest that three days before is a wise choice.

As soon as you have booked your wedding with us, a more in-depth guide regarding paperwork will be sent to you.

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